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Hello, Everyone:  I think I'm back, but I'm not sure.  I've
> been working all morning to get on the Internet and get my
> email working.  I'm computer-challenged, so it may not
> work.  Please let me know if you're getting my message.
> Thanks!  Kathy in Boise

Nancy this was a message received from Kathy just yesterday.  Of course we
will do what ever Kathy needs; but I am amiss as to receiving her message
and then your message which indicates she is not on line?????  lillian

Warmly, lillian

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> Dear Lillian:
>     I am feeling a tad calmer today.  I had a long talk with the guy in
> Vancouver who's selling the drug the Chinese doctor mentioned.  Turns out
> it's made by Aeterna Laboratories in Quebec and is currently in Stage III
> clinical trials in Canada and the U.S. according to this guy.  It's called
> AE9-41 or Cardicell.  It can also be ordered directly right now from the
> Chinese company.  He says it's an intensive extract (he explained some
> extraction process that I didn't quite follow) of shark cartilege but much
> stronger.  It has to be kept frozen all the time or it doesn't last much
> endostatin.  Apparently it has had excellent results with few side
> And it can be taken with chemo. He urged me to investigate and consider it
> before Tom's organs become too damaged for it to be of benefit.  From our
> conversation it didn't seem as if it would be harmful.  As much as our onc
> positive about the EGF trial (similar to Iressa), it doesn't seem like
> answer"  Our onc would have to agree to administer it or at least take
> of any side effects that develop.  I will try to find out as much as I can
> tomorrow.  The Phase I combretastatin trial still worries me.  I tried to
> open the Aeterna website at www.aeterna.com and so did my friend with a
> powerful computer and we were both denied access so I don't know what's
> on.  Will just have to call.  But I'm feeling a little more hopeful.
>     Hope your headache is nothing serious and has passed.  We had a  yummy
> lunch at the Gramercy Tavern.  Grilled portobello mushrooms over barley
and a
> spectacular red snapper with a wonderful lemon wine sauce over eggplant.
> Yummy.  Even better, we were treated by my friend.  Tom even complained
> privately that the portions were too small.
>     Take care of yourself.  Love, Bess

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