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[MOL] About our sweet Kathy in Boise, from Nanc ():-)

To all Mols,
Kathy isn't on line right now, poor times have fallen on her.  The Lawyer 
firm she was with fell apart, the Lawyers all split and went there own ways, 
now she has no job.  She called me in the Hospital, bless her heart.  I 
wished I had extra money to send her I sure miss her not being on line, I 
feel she adds so much to our forum.  I am not asking anyone, but if someone 
out there has a few extra bucks to help her get on line from her house, I 
will add her address to the bottom of this post and God Bless you if you can 
help her out.  She did say that her sister is sending her a PC that she would 
be able to be on line at her house sometime next week, but that she couldn't 
afford the 20 bucks a month to get on.  When I get back to work I am sending 
her my first check, which I hope will be about $50.00 and that would give her 
a couple of months, but I won't be back to work for another week.  She will 
be OK in a few weeks, she is going to work for some of the lawyers out of her 
house to make ends meet.
I guess you could say it is time for the MOL Angles to pull together, but 
this time just send anything you can to her, I see no reason for a middle 
person to help our MOL Angles out like this, right.  We don't need to know 
who did or didn't help out, but God Bless any of you that can.
Love to you all and Kathy from Boise's Address to follow below.

Love you all,
Nanc ():-)
Thanks for asking Chris...>>>>>>>..

Kathy Corrigan
815 West Washington St.
Boise, ID 83701

If any of you would like Kathy's phone number, please send me a private email 
and I'll send it to you with her permission.
I just talked to her tonight, she is just toooo sweet.

In a message dated 1/16/2000 6:14:51 PM Eastern Standard Time, 
CCR0417@AOL.COM writes:

<< Haven't seen any posts from Kathy C.  What's up?  She's OK I hope.  Did I 
 miss anything?  Hope she's on a tropical island vacation somewhere. -chris >>
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