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Re: [MOL] Nancy's in the Hospital

Hi my Dear Chris,
I am home after almost 2 weeks, Don was there for about a week this time, was 
nice having him in the same room as I, the nurses said that they had never 
hear of that happening in the 11 years she worked there.  He is doing pretty 
good and getting out.  I am walking like an old, old 90 year old woman, I 
just hurt all over.  Well here is the one that couldn't let anyone help me, 
now look at me, I even have to have help to take a shower, wow!  what a big 
let down for me, I am only 60 and need help like a shower.  Let me tell you, 
it sure is nice to have that help and I am ever so greatful, I hate those 
sponge baths.
What's this about your worried about your Dad and maybe a brain tumor????
Don has had a few brain scans, only because his cancer tends to go to the 
brain next and also the spinal fluid, so if his Doc is just running tests, 
rest asure you have a great Doctor covering the bases before needed, so I say 
God Bless him, and it is good to worry, but just remember not to breed 
trouble that isn't there.  Stay possitive, my sweet, you know my prayers are 
always with you and yours.
Your MOL Mom forever, & love you much,
Mom (Nanc) ():-)
Plan a trip to come here for a visit this summer, love to have you and no 
expense while your here, ok......Try not to worry......I am always here for 

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<< Please let us know as soon as you hear anything.  And also - please tell 
 Chris sends prayers and "good" thoughts for her.  -chris >>
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