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When our grand was about one month old it was discovered that she has a genetic disorder called hemotocrozonetosis, (it's gene cell 6 that is defected).  The disorder is also known as iron overload, a quite common disorder, many of which go unnoticed until it is too late.So yes, it is good that she will be going to a really good hospital that knows how to treat this disorder before it becomes life threatening.  Once treated it can be maintained through diet nothing with iron or iron fortified) and blood letting three or four times a year.  We look forward to a very long happy and healthy life with this cutie.  She is almost 4 months old now.  Thank you for asking, your friend, lillian
Warmly, lillian
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Lillian, is everything ok?  Was this expected that she was going to the hospital or was this out of the blue?  I will be praying for her & your family.  Hang tight lady.