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[MOL] First Large-Scale Study on Quality Cancer Care

First Large-Scale Study on Quality Cancer Care Launched; ASCO
    Spearheads Landmark Study
    [01/26/2000; Associated Press]

ALEXANDRIA, Va., Jan. 20 /PRNewswire/ -- The American Society
of Clinical Oncology (ASCO), representing 14,000 cancer specialists,
today announced its launch of the first study to develop a national
monitoring system for cancer care in the United States. Harvard
University and the RAND Corporation agreed today to implement
the landmark study. The 18-month pilot study, slated to begin
in February 2000, will assess the feasibility of a national cancer
care monitoring system and develop a prototype for such a system,
by initially examining the quality of care received by a sample
group of adult breast and colorectal cancer patients. A panel
of ASCO physicians and other health experts will oversee the
study, which will be conducted by researchers at Harvard University
and the RAND Corporation. "No national system currently exists
to monitor the quality of cancer treatment," said Joseph S. Bailes,
MD, President of ASCO. "This study will provide the groundwork
and the strategy to develop a national system that is urgently
needed and help the cancer community ensure that patients nationwide
receive the highest standard of care," Bailes continued. 

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