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Hey Lil,
    Glad to hear Chuck is doing well. The holidays had many ups and downs. My 
mother had surgery on Dec. 22, a tumor in the base of her esophagus. I'm 
happy to report that it was benign and she is recouping without problems. 
Patrick's entire family, parents, 5 brothers, 3 sisters and all the kids were 
here for Christmas. I think 43 in all. Although emotional, it was great to 
see all of them and spend a few days together. I have the biggest house, so 
we always met here and that will continue. We laughed and cried and watched 
as the next generation began to build bonds amongst each other. I know it had 
to be hard for his parents, but they handled it well. My father-in-law gave 
my oldest son, Nathan, a pocket watch that belonged to his father. He was sad 
that he never gave it to Patrick and wanted Nathan to have it. I don't think 
there was a dry eye in the house. I'm sure Nathan will treasure it until he 
has a chance to give it to a son. Tonight is the end of a really bad year. 
Here's hoping for a better 2000 and lots of luck and wellness to all the 
MOLERS and their families. You folks helped me through 1998-99 and I hope to 
be able to help someone else when needed. Take care of yourselves, that goes 
for you care givers too. God Bless,
Love, Nisi
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