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[MOL] Here is the power of your prayers, from Nanc ():-) Thanks....

Hi Lil & Everyone else,
First let me thank you for all your wonderful healing prayers, Don is out of 
ICU, they moved him today.  Now this is a real miracle, he is coming home 
tomorrow morning I am to be there to pick him up a 9:00am sharp.  It was just 
all of a sudden that his labs started going back to normal, and his heart is 
ticking right again.
Hi is not out of the woods as yet, I have to take him Monday am for a Stress 
test, he can't have any surgery so they want to see what the problem is, so 
they can see what medicine that will be best to treat his heart problem.  
I am sorry that you had to wait for this update, my Daughter and her family 
came in from Ohio and stayed her, I also had other out of town company and 
just tons of phone calls.
I have been very short on the sleep end, so I have to get some tonight so I 
am all rested up to take care of Don.
The Doctor said he has to have in home care, oxygen, and several other new 
I thank you all again from the bottom of my heart, God Bless you all and have 
a wonderful, healing new year.
I wish I could answer all of you one on one, but for now I need to get some 
rest, and I know you all understand, right?  LOL
Love you all,
Nanc ():-) 

In a message dated 12/31/1999 3:02:20 PM Eastern Standard Time, 
firefly@islc.net writes:

<< I know you are beside yourself in regards to Don and want you to know that 
all of us are also beside ourselves waiting for an updated report.  Is your 
honey still in the Hospital, still in ICU?  How are you holding up?  I know 
worry is not good for you and its effects it can have on Lupus.  Is your 
mother hanging in there okay, do you have help?  Am I asking to many 
questions?  Please, let us know dear one.....always, lillian
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