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[MOL] Stem Cell Transplants have an advantage for some cancer patients....

Stem Cell Transplants Have an Advantage for Some Cancer Patients

NEW ORLEANS, LA—In the largest study ever to compare outcomes of cancer patients transplanted with marrow versus stem cells, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center researchers found that for certain patients, stem cells offer clear advantages. William Bensinger, M.D., researcher in the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center's Clinical Research Division and lead investigator for this study, says that while still preliminary, the data offers promising news for many patients with high-risk blood cancers. This includes patients with advanced-stage leukemias and those who have suffered one or more relapses, as well as patients with lymphomas that did not respond to treatment. "The evidence is convincing enough that we've already made a change in treating our high risk patients," says Dr. Bensinger. "For patients with accelerated phase CML or AML and all patients who are beyond first remission or have refractory (nonresponsive) relapses, we are using stem cells."
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