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Powerquotes - Creating Daily Insights and Inspiration 
Volume 3, Number 260  - ISSN: 1523-8008

17 more hours until 2000 as I write this where I live, 
but I know that as I write, some of you have already 
celebrated the beginning of 2000, and many more of 
you will have done so by the time you read this.  
Here's a note of thanks for the opportunity to arrive in 
your inbox every weekday.  

I have plans for Powerquotes that I will be sharing with 
you over the next few weeks.  All of them are meant to 
make the service better and help more people join us in 
the coming weeks and months.  Happy 2000 everyone!

 - K :)

"Think of yourself on the threshold of unparalleled 
success.  A whole clear, glorious life lies before you.  
Achieve!  Achieve!"

 -  Andrew Carnegie

Questions to Ponder

What success is in front of me?

What is some of the gloriousness I see before me?

What do I need to do achieve these things?
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Have a wonder-filled New Year's!

Kevin Eikenberry

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