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Re: [MOL] recurrent breast cancer

Hello Phyllis.  My name is Charlotte.  I am a 10 year breast cancer
survivor.  I have had many, many doctors work on me and NEVER has one of
them told me what yours is telling you!                This summer I got
spots on my lungs which turned out to be recurrent breast cancer.  They
found the primary under my right arm ,but way back on my back.  After
removal they put me on Arimidex because it was estrogen receptive just
like my breast tumor.  The lung spots have shrunk down to where they
cannot be seen on xray, but do show on CT.
Phyllis, never over look second opinions, even third and more until YOU
are satisfied you have gotten the straight stuff.  That in it's self
will help your body to heal .  Take Care of You.  Charlotte

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