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[MOL] recurrent breast cancer

I would like to hear from anyone who has had a mastectomy with immediate breast reconstruction. Has anybody had a recurrance of breast cancer with this? Since my operation in 1994, every year I have had at least one lump removed from my surgery side, sometimes more. I am lucky so far, as all has been benign. My oncologist said that if the cancer came back below my chest, there was nothing he could do for me! My surgeon says that the breast cancer cannot comeback because there is no breast tissue there. I know he is wrong, as I had a needle biopsy done by him and it came back with ductal cells found. He said that he could of left some in there. I know this can happen, but why for four years did he tell me that the breast cancer couldn't come back. I know that I am very lucky to have survied the 5 years and going on 6. I have had complications I feel that is due to having the chemotherapy. Has anyone have this happen to them? I had CAF. I now have osteoarthritis,fibromyalgia, ulcertive colitis, diverticulitis, acid reflex to name a few. I know I should be thankfull that I am still living, but I do get depressed as I was a worker. I can no longer work. It is hard for me to stay home. Anyone that wants to respond I would appreciate it. Yes, I do thank God for everyday.
Phyllis Birch pbirch@snet.net