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[MOL] Re: New update on Don, keep on with the prayers, ():-(((

Dear Nancy,

Our prayers and thoughts are for you and on you and your Don for a
healthier and happier New Year and years to come. May God grant you 
both the goals that you wish to achieve. YOur friends are here for you.

God Bless You,
marty and Barb

NLPOST@aol.com wrote:
> All my Dear Friends, MOLs, Relatives & all you wonderful new people who have
> offered us your prayers, I wish to thank you all so very, very much for being
> here for Don Me and our family.
> Don was moved to ICU at 11:00PM last night, the 28th of Dec.  I am still
> waiting to talk to the Doctor.  The Nurse told me that he was moved because
> of his heart beating to fast and his blood presure dropping to low.  Also his
> Bun reading has jumped another 10 points, it is now 53, yesterday it was 43,
> a week ago it was 24.  When it gets to 80 it will be time for the kidney
> dialysis time.  I am off to the Hospital, and will update you as I know
> anything to let you know.
> Please keep the prayers going.  I am still trying to stay possitive.
> I love you all and thank you all so very much,
> Nanc, Mom, or whatever I am or mean to you.
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