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[MOL] Worried Sick

Dear Friends:
   I am worried sick about my husband who seems to be on a downward spiral 
since he started the gemcitibine after taxol/carbo for his NSCLC.  I don't 
know if it's the chemo or the cancer or what.    I'm also worried about the 
number of meds he's taking.  Every day he takes plaxil in the morning and 
xanax at night to sleep.   He's been doing that for months now.  In addition 
he takes at least 3 percocet for pain.  Every week in addition to chemo, he 
gets procrit to build up his RBC count.  Now he's taking injections of 
Neupogen to build up his WBC count which is dangerously low.  His platelets 
are also low but short of a platelet transfusion which isn't desirable, 
there's nothing to do for that except stop chemo.  He has lost his appetite 
and has diarrhea.  In addition, yesterday his hands began to get swollen with 
edema.  When I mentioned this to our onc, he said to come in immediately.  
They think it's a condition called cellulitis which is an infection caused by 
low blood counts so they've put him on keflex. I seem to recall that this is 
one of the strongest antibiotics around. And he's been given zofran for 
appetite (this costs $25 a pill and our insurance will only allow 10 a week). 
 Now he's broken out in a rash and has a splitting headache all the time 
which makes me worry about brain mets.  He is rapidly losing his positive 
spin and getting very scared and dubious.  He still takes the maitake and 
mushroom pills but can't seem to take the Chinese herb tea or immune formula. 
 So he's eating very little and living on meds and pills.   I don't know if 
this is a normal chemo thing or the beginning of the downward spiral.  Have 
any of you had similar experiences.  I'm beginning to wonder if we should 
just stop the chemo and enter a trial if there are no brain mets.  Any 
thoughts? Love, Bess
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