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[MOL] Docs score low in patient talks.....

Docs Score Low in Patient Talks

      When it comes to discussing treatment options with patients, surgeons do a better job than primary-care doctors, but neither group does great.
      Researchers at the University of Washington in Seattle based this finding on audio tapes from 1,057 doctor-patient visits involving 3,552 clinical decisions. To determine whether a patient and doctor were making a well-informed clinical decision, their discussion had to meet seven criteria. Those included how involved the patient was in the decision, how well the doctor explained the pros and cons of each treatment option, and the patient's preferences.
      Only 9 percent of the taped discussion met the criteria. The biggest shortcoming, researchers report in the Dec. 22/29 issue of Journal of the American Medical Association, was the patients' understanding of the clinical decision that was ultimately made.
      "Inadequate efforts to foster patient involvement in decision-making may impair the patient-physician relationship," researchers conclude. "Furthermore, there are quality-of-care concerns since there is mounting evidence that inadequate patient involvement may interfere with patient acceptance of treatment and adherence with medical regimens."

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