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Hello there friend!  I am almost a five year breast cancer survivor and I still have some shooting pains, tenderness and so forth after a mastectomy.  I do examines once a month; as the first time I had breast cancer it was myself who found the lump.  I think the worse thing about cancer is the fear of it returning; so we are much more in tune to every thing that happens to our body.  Good luck, your friend, lillian
Warmly, lillian
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Mary Beth:
I am a 49 year old two year survivor of breast cancer.  I had a masectomy in January of 1998, followed by 4 rounds of chemotherapy ending in April of 1998.  There was no node activity.
Over the last several months I have experienced pain over my masectomy scar which is bad enough that I am aware of it most days. 
I would like to know if you had any symptoms, or if your recurrence was found during a regular checkup with your oncologist.
I understand your reluctance to go through the treatment again.  It's very hard and a person can't understand it if you haven't been through it.  My husband is a pastor and I will add you to our prayer list at church.  We are praying for lots of people with various types of cancer and breast cancer in particular.  My prayer for you is that you will reach the right decision for your individual treatment.
My email address is and my name is Susan.  I will look forward to any feedback you can give me regarding symptoms.  I can't seem to find much on the net about how a person can tell if something is happening.  I hate to be calling my oncologist everytime I have a pain!!
Thank you for your willingness to share.