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Powerquotes - Creating Daily Insights and Inspiration 
Volume 3, Number 258  - ISSN: 1523-8008

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"Finally, personal mastery teaches us to choose.  
Choosing is a courageous act: Picking the results and 
actions which you will make into your destiny."

 - Peter Senge, The Fifth Discipline Fieldbook

Today's quote was recommended by Denise - who read it 
from Senge's great book.  If you are a consultant or 
leader in an organization, the Fifth Discipline Fieldbook 
would be a great addition to your library. To get your own 
copy, go to:  


Questions to Ponder

What actions do I pick and what results do they lead to?

Have I thought about the concept of choosing my destiny?

How do I feel about that concept?

Does choosing feel courageous to me?

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"Cheers! Here's to saying 'goodbye' not only to the past 
year but to the past millennium, opening the opportunity 
to shed our excess baggage. 

Cheers again as each of us comes face-to-face with the 
new year and the new millennium. Throwing the door 
wide open and letting this infrequent event usher in 
multiple new and exciting opportunities.

Let's say 'yes' to life in this new millennium . . . 
unlocking our personal potential . . . redesigning our 
future and our destiny . . . and, having a profound 
impact on others . . . touching their lives in a deeper 
and more significant way.

Cheers! Let us rejoice making room for enjoying our 
well deserved rewards and celebrating our new creation 
. . . us!

May our lives become memorable as we bubble up with
spontaneous enthusiasm and leave the lovely fragrance 
of possibility everywhere!"

- Karla Wilson

Have a Great Day!

Kevin Eikenberry

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