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[MOL] On the eve of New Year's Eve

Dear Friends:
    As the end of the year and the century approaches and my computer is 
about to crash from so much accumulated research and email, I decided to save 
and/or delete all the thousands of emails on my two servers, business and 
personal.  As I started going through all the posts from the first time I 
sent a query to Mol back in June, I realized how wonderful and encouraging 
you all have been--Martha, Marty, Cori, and of course, Lillian, to name a 
few.  I read and saved each message with great care.
   I am a little blue tonight.  My dear husband has been doing so well and we 
on the verge of our first goal--celebrating the New Year.  But his new chemo 
regime of gemzar has hit him much harder than the taxol/carbo.  He had his 
third treatment after a four week break this Monday and came down with a 
fever, diarrhea, loss of appetite and incredible fatigue.  He's been sleeping 
almost constantly for two days.  I really don't know where this is all going. 
 And I'm very nervous about a Stage I trial.  I know we need something 
besides chemo, but which trial to pick is a great dilemma.
    In the meantime, I want to thank each and every one of you for all your 
opinions, advice and encouragement.  I hope tomorrow brings a better day and 
we can regain our positive outlook.  All the best to one and all.  Bess
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