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[MOL] High-Yield Investment... Adv:(23ldf8vj)

`,,``,,``` This is a HIGH-YIELD investment vehicle. Investment of US$30,000 on June 4/99, stands at US$219,000 as of Dec. 9/99. Forget about your mlm's, forget about your online malls... this is the way to make your money grow. For more information, please email: hlf@yifan.net With SUBJECT: INVESTMENT mailto:hlf@yifan.net?subject=INVESTMENT `,,``,,```2 ****************** Remove Requests ******************* To be removed from future mailings just reply with Remove as the subject and you will be permanently removed from any future mailings. ********************************************* ------------------------------------------------------------------------ This is an automatically-generated notice. If you'd like to be removed from the mailing list, please visit the Medicine-On-Line Discussion Forum at , or send an email message to: majordomo@lists.meds.com with the subject line blank and the body of the message containing the line: unsubscribe mol-cancer your-email-address where the phrase your-email-address is replaced with your actual email address. ------------------------------------------------------------------------