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[MOL] Thank you for your prayers

I want to write and thank you my friends for all the prayers and wishful 
thoughts. It has meant so much, and also helped so much. Rick is out of the 
hospital. He will have his mouth wired shut for 12 weeks to help the 
fractures, and loose teeth. He is already so skinny that this is a concern. 
He had his lower leg that was shattered put into a new cast. His shoulder is 
healing along with the crushed trachea. His hand was not broken, just swollen 
and bruised badly. Again I just thank the Lord that he is alive. David went 
to see the car and take pictures for the insurance, and I could not believe 
it. The whole car looked good except where Rick was. The front wheel was 
pushed back to the front drivers door. The floorboard was up to the seat of 
the car, and the steering wheel was pushed up and touching the windshield. 
Someone hit his seat from behind and bent it that much more forward. There 
wasn't even an inch between him and the steering wheel. God bless the person 
who invented airbags. Some wanted to pray for the young friend of Rick's, and 
her family. Her name was Kristina Tsaya. The person in the other car who has 
severe brain damage and is still in intensive care is John Timmis. The day 
before Christmas we got a call from up north and the doctors told my 
grandfather that he has cancer on his spine. At least Rick is at home, and I 
can stay on the phone and see how I can help my grandfather in any way. 
Again, I thank each and every one of you. You are all in my prayers. Our 
preacher has came and seen Rick twice and stated that a lot of people must be 
praying for him, due to the fact that he is doing better, and I let him know 
that it was the power of the Lord and my Mol friends. He Blessed you all in 
our home and at church this last Sunday. Lots of Love. Gwen W
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