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[MOL] FW: Custer

Sorry, folks.  In questionable taste, as usual.  Love, Kathy

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From: Kathy Corrigan 
Sent: Monday, December 27, 1999 3:33 PM
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Subject: FW: Custer

If I already sent you this, I apologize profusely.

Here's a joke I just heard, and I'll try to phrase it properly.

A man comes home from work one day to find his girlfriend all packed and
standing on the front steps.

"What's going on?" he asks.

"My parents know someone who used to know you years ago and they say you're
a pedophile."

"Hmmmmmm," the man says, "Pedophile.  That's a pretty big word for a six
year old."

Love, Bunny Lucille

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Subject: Custer

An eccentric billionaire wanted a mural painted on his library wall, so he
called in an artist. Describing what he wanted, the billionaire said, "I am
a history buff, and I would like your interpretation of the last thing that
went through Custer's mind before he died. I am going out of town on
business for a week, and when I return I expect to see it completed. Upon
his return, the billionaire went to the library to examine the finished
work. To his surprise he found a painting of a cow with a halo. Surrounding
this there were hundreds of Indians in various stages and different
positions of making love. Furious he called the artist in. "What the hell is
this??", screamed the billionaire. "Why that's exactly what you asked for"
said the artist smugly. "No! I didn't ask for a mural of pornographic filth,
I asked for a mural of the interpretation of Custer's last thoughts!"
"And there you have it," said the artist, "I call it 'holy cow look at all
those fucking Indians."

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