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Dear Jed,

For the moment I can only locate immune therapy clinics in Mexico.
Having a difficult time trying to find the best and most reputable in
Europe. Though there may be many. You may have to find a good
researcher. Log onto www.ahha.org  (American health institute) may give
you some clues on how to find those clinics.

God bless You
marty auslander

> Martin Auslander <fitecancer@earthlink.net> wrote:
> My Wife has been battling cancer for 5 years. Where are the best immune
> therapy clinics in Europe and what are their names so that my wife can
> be treated to have a strong immune system in order to fight this
> diseaese.
> Thannk you and God Bless,
> marty auslander
> ================================================
> hello Marty
> I get a number of enquiries like yours at the CFSsocNIMr
> and I am only too willing to pass on what I know.
> I have personally visited the Leonardis Fachklinik
> at Kornwestheim, a suburb of Stuttgart, in Germany.
> This is an excellent, large, clinic which I can recommend
> highly. It is new, fully staffed and equipped. It is used
> mainly by Germans with cancer who recieve the treatments
> without charge through their employers health insurance.
> However, I met patients there from the UK, USA, Australia
> and New Zealand. There is an excellent website in english
> at: www.leonardis.de
> They will send out full details by post on request.
> Your wife will receive the best care and treatments,
> scandously unavailable outside Germany, at the Leonardis.
> The staff are friendly, professional and sympathetic.
> The Leonardis charges around 200 per day including all
> treatments and meals.
> They will send a courtesy car to meet you at Stuttgart
> airport if your wife is unfit to use the excellent underground
> system around Stuttgart. It is a short taxi ride from
> Kornwestheim station to the Leonardis.
> The rooms have twin beds, hi-tech bathrooms, TV, balcony,
> etc. You can stay with your wife in her room but I am
> not sure if there is a charge for this, or what it
> would be, you would have to ask. If it is expensive then
> I can send details of two good inexpensive hotels
> nearby.
> For comparison, another clinic is the Aeskulap clinic
> at Brunnen, on Lake Lucerne, just south of Zurich, in
> Switzerland. They have a website at: www.aeskulap.com
> There is an electronic form for requesting further
> information.
> There are many other clinics in Germany offering radical
> cancer treatments but from my research and experience
> none of them could be any better than the Leonardis and
> most can be very difficult to get to, usually being
> located in open countryside. The average cost is between
> 150 and 300 per day but some charge for meals and
> treatment as extras.
> Feel free to ask for further information.
> For grass-roots information on the range of
> standard/non-standard treatments for cancer visit
> the Lymphoma page at:
> www.geocities.com/HotSprings/Villa/5443
> - then scroll down to Treatments.
> I wish your wife well. The German treatments can have
> excellent outcomes in some lucky patients and many
> patients can extend their lives by years.
> Jed Gallagher
> Founder, CFSsocNIMr
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