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Re: [MOL] Scary pain/back to Bess, ():-)

Hi Bess,
Now you just hang in there.  My Hubby had awful pains from the Chemo too and 
also from the radiation, and every time we thought that is had spread, it 
seems to be a normal reaction.  Try real hard to stay possitive, but at the 
same time be sure to tell the Doc about any new pains, anything that is not 
God Bless and our prayers are with you.
Don my hubby got sick yesterday, and right now I am worried about him too, he 
is coughing more and his breathing is just awful, and he is complaining about 
back pain, he is not a complainer either, but he was moaning out loud in 
pain.  I plan on calling the pulmonary Doctor tomorrow morning.  I am not 
feeling so good myself.
Love ya,
Nanc ():-)

In a message dated 12/26/1999 6:24:03 PM Eastern Standard Time, 
BesTom@AOL.COM writes:

<< Dear Group:
     Yesterday I posted such a happy hopeful note about our meeting the 
 millennium and setting dates for each new goal.  Tonight Tom tells me the 
 pain in his right side in the back (the bulk of his adenocarcinoma is in his 
 right lung) just above the waist is getting so bad that he can't lie down on 
 it and it isn't relieved by percocet.  Apparently this is not a side effect 
 of the neupogen which is giving him significantly more pain. For a long time 
 he thought it was muscle strain but now he's convinced it's an organ. Could 
 this be liver or pancreas mets?  He had a chest CT and   abdomen/pelvis MRI 
 October 25 that didn't show anything.  He is due for more chemo tomorrow.  
 had a four week break due to the low counts and platelets.  Naturally we 
 ask our onc about it although I just don't want to hear bad news before the 
 New Year.  I was so hoping to enter some kind of trial soon.  We have been 
 dreading mets.  Any thoughts?  Many thanks.  Bess >>
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