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[MOL] All the best...

Dear Molers:
    Today my husband Tom and I are very thankful that we are on the brink of 
reaching the first milestone we set for ourselves-- to see in the millennium. 
 Our next goal will be his 63rd birthday on March 29.  And after that our 
25th wedding anniversary on June 13.  I recall vividly at the beginning of 
this year my husband complained of chest pain and due to elevated 
cholesterol, our doctor ordered a stress test.  My husband has always been an 
athelete-ski jumper, marathon runner--and his stress test was so amazing that 
our doctor said he'd be ecstatic if he could have the same results at Tom's 
age.  Now I realize it wasn't his heart at all, but his lung situation which 
had probably been building up since the three years he was seen at MSKCC for 
a benign mass and never seen again.  But we have let go of the anger and are 
now cherishing each day.  To those of you who have had a loss, we send our 
deepest sympathies and condolences.  We are keeping a memorial list 
permanently on our Buddhist alter.  For those of you still fighting like us, 
I wish that the millennium brings the miracle of good health, happiness, and 
serenity for us all.  All the best.  Bess
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