[MOL] XMas Mass from *Bethlehem* LIVE online! [00693] Medicine On Line

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[MOL] XMas Mass from *Bethlehem* LIVE online!

That's the REAL Bethlehem - not Bethlehem, PA!

---- Begin included message ----
I started to broadcast LIVE, 

Right NOW go to listen to the broadcasting:

Special broadcasting, LIVE, Christmas carols.

If interested, please click on LIVE www. Behtlehem.org <A 

 or Jerusalem2000.org <A HREF="http://www.jerusalem2000.org/">JERUSALEM 2000</

  www. Al-Bushra <A HREF="http://www.al-bushra.org/">Al-Bushra</A>Merry 

Midnight mass will be broadcasted LIVE from Behtlehem.

Fr. Labib

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