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[MOL] Lil

Dear Lil,
Sorry this took so long to answer you, but my keyboard went out and then I seen this flat screen monitor, I call it my George Jetson monitor.
I've seen to many people go broke when they got their margin call, it was a good leverage, but boy if you were wrong!!!
I started with Paine Weber in 1971, I did mostly millionarie financial planning, had the seminars at the Drake in Chicago, then after that, they wanted me to go to offices that were losing production and pick the production up. I did alot of traving then, but I was single and having a ball, on Paine Weber's money. I was working at one of their offices in Medford Or. thats were I met my wife, when I was done there, I went to an office in Scottsdale Az. In the mean time I had gotten married and didn't want to travel anymore, so I asked to cut a new contract, so to stay in Az. but they didn't want to give me what I wanted, so they bought my book, and I started my own house, called I.I.C.. I did that for just about nine years, was fairly successful, came to Florida in 1995 for a vacation, Tammy and I wanted to take a year off and hop the beaches down the coast, I then broke my back 3 months later, was finaly able to get out of bed in july of 1998 and in nov. of 1998 found out I had cancer and have been fighting that ever since. My wife got her degree in art and taught me how to paint last year, really loved it, so now I think I'm a Van Gogh.. :)
So, now you have my life history leaving out all the funny stuff, that happened along the way, which are the best parts, but I'd have to write a novel and I don't have a publisher yet..  :)
hope you have a great Christmas and an even better New Year.
Love Ya,

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