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Re: [MOL] Thalidomide

Hi Bess, He has NSCLC (squamous carcinoma).  The drs gave him lots of other 
meds along with the chemo to keep his strength up as much as possible and 
blood tests frequently.  Yes, he has neuropathy too (from diabetes as well as 
from the cancer treatments).  I think that's why he had a car accident last 
spring - couldn't lift his foot off the gas; prob couldn't feel it.  He said 
his pants cuff caught the gas - but I don't think so.  He even had some 
serious bowel bleeding from the chemo, but with each problem, new meds offset 
the side-effects and he had 6 mos of chemo all total.  Just recently he 
underwent 6 wks of radiation too.  God bless you and your husband and have a 
good Christmas.  -chris
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