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Re: [MOL] Needing my friends prayers

Oh Dear Gwen,
I am so sorry for the pain you and all involved are dealing with, and this 
time of year doesn't help I'm sure.  God be with you, yours and all the other 
families involved.  All of you are in our prayers.
God bless all of you,
Nanc ():-)

In a message dated 12/23/1999 8:54:03 PM Eastern Standard Time, 
GW0123@AOL.COM writes:

 My son Ricky was in a real serious head-on accident over the weekend and was 
 hurt very bad. He was driving in the rain and hydroplaned on I95 went across 
 the medium into the North bound lane hitting a car head on. A real good 
 friend that was one of five in his car died in the accident. One of two in 
 the other car has been hurt very bad and is still on life support. The good 
 Lord was looking out for my son for his part of the car was the only part 
 damaged. His friend Kristina was not wearing a seat belt and was ejected out 
 of the car, and was ran over by four cars that did not slow down for the 
 wreck. Ricky is so broken physically and mentally that he is almost to the 
 point of no return. We have started getting him help to treat the shock and 
 guilt that he is dealing with, and he has came through two operations and 
 many droken bones have been repaired. Our family really needs the prayers 
 our son, and I know that you my friends will pray for him just as hard as I 
 am. I'm starting to cry again and having a hard time finding the keys to 
 typing. At least my son is alive and this I'm glad, but the family that lost 
 a beautiful 18 year old daughter makes me so very sad. Pleases pray for her 
 family too. Thanks and God be with all of you and us throught the Christmas 
 Holiday's. LOL Gwen W. >>
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