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[MOL] Effects of Neupogen

Dear Group:
   I've written in the past that my husband has inoperable NSCLC with treated 
pleural effusion.  He had five treatments of taxol/carbo which were stopped 
because of neuropathy.  One treatment after thanksgiving of gezmar/carbo 
which was stopped for four weeks because of low WBC and platelets.  This past 
Monday he had Gezmar without the carbo because his counts were still 
borderline/low.  And 24 hours later he started daily shots of neupogen.  He's 
had two so far.  He has terrible aches all over including his collarbone (we 
were told he might have bone pain in the pelvic area) Also he has a headache 
all the time which he didn't have before.  Could this be a side effect of the 
neupogen?  We are terribly worried about brain mets. His last MRI of the 
brain was Oct. 25.  He is also tired all the time.  All in all, he was much 
better on the taxol/carbo, the only side effect being neuropathy--of course, 
that didn't really work.
   Any advice or experiences would be appreciated.  Happy holiday to all.  Lov
e, Bess
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