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I don't think so,  but why don't you ask your Doctor?  This is just a Cancer 
support forum and we are just here supporting each other and giving sites to 
search for information on the type of cancer that one has.
I have the same problem and I had my Gallbladder out a couple years ago.  My 
Doctor gives me medicine for my reflex problem.
Good Luck, God Bless and have a wonderfully Merry Christmas,
Nanc ():-)
Here are some sites that may interest you;
<A HREF="Gallstones">

<A HREF="Heartburn help"></A> 

In a message dated 12/23/1999 6:33:20 AM Eastern Standard Time, 
AndersoT@CSR.NIH.GOV writes:

<< I am scheduled for Gallbladder surgery.  I have been told that I also have 
 reflux and a hiatal hernia.   Is there any procedure they can do at the same
 time as the Gallbladder procedure that will fix the hernia? >>
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