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Dear Charlotte:
   I was touched by your kind words.  I am doing my best.  
     Re the maitake extract, we use Griffon Pro Maitake D fraction extract.  
It comes in a large and small size.  The large size is about $90!!  But we 
feel it's worth it.  My husband has inoperable NSCLC with treated pleural 
effusion. He takes Maitake D-Fraction, 10 drops in water 3 times a day, 
available from Maitake Products in New Jersey at 800-747-7418. I am not a 
doctor so I am only passing along what we have been doing.  In addition we 
take Chinese herbs that include astralagus and other ingredients and Tibetan 
mushrooms known as Cordyceps sinensis.  In the orient I know many people rely 
solely on these things.  We are also doing chemo and I hope, as I've been 
assured by the Chinese docs we see, that this regime does not make the chemo 
less effective.
   Hope this is helpful.  Best wishes for the New Year. Love, Bess
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