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Success Secrets NEWSFLASH!
22 December 1999 

RE: Domain Registrations

We just received some extremely profitable information
that we wanted to share with you first!

We would normally save this kind of information for our 
"Success Secrets" newsletter, but we could not wait to 
tell you about this and it is a VERY TIME SENSITIVE ISSUE 
so the sooner we tell you the faster you can capitalize on 
this exciting, money making opportunity! 

Are you wondering what I am so excited about yet?
Well here it is...

NAMES UP TO 67 CHARACTERS in length, including the ".com"
or ".net" or ".org" extensions.  No longer will you be limited to
the previous 23 character domain names!

You maybe saying "So what? What good is this to me?"

Well here are the cold hard facts... so pay close attention 
because you need to protect your business... and this is 
also an exciting opportunity to make a lot of money in a 
very short time and with very low investment costs! 

Let me summarize a few reasons then I will explain the 
details in a moment about each one:

1) Register domain names that are "catchy" and in demand in 
the hope to sell that domain for a large profit in the 
future (ie. bingo.com sold for 1 million dollars this year!)

2) Register domain names for your company and products that 
are over 23 characters long. (For example, we registered 
"internetmarketinglibrary.com" when before, this was 
something we could not do)

3) Register a better domain name than what you have now (for 
example, if your domain name is difficult to remember, has a 
.net or .org extension... you can get a .com address that 
will much better suit your business)

4) Register domain names that are rich in keywords and 
drastically increase your search engine rankings! Search 
engines just eat up the domain names that describe the 
website and are loaded with keywords!

About 5-6 years ago when the Internet was still very new, a 
few people saw an opportunity. Relying on the idea that the 
Internet was going to become massive, they started buying up 
domain names. Why? So when the Internet did become huge and 
the large corporations decided it was time to capitalize on 
this new marketing medium, they could turn around and sell 
these domain names to the big corporation for 1000 times the 
price they paid!

Imagine if you had purchased mp3.com or gambling.com when 
they first became available! You would be a millionaire 
today with almost no work or investment on your part! Heck, 
the domain "business.com" was just sold for $7.5 million 
(that's right, $7,500,000)... I don't know about you, but 
most people could retire off of that quite comfortably! 
Bingo.com (a site a personal friend of mine owned) sold for 
$1,000,000. WallStreet.com also sold for 1 million dollars 
this year... and the list goes on and on.

Now don't get me wrong, this quality of domain names is no 
longer available... but allowing domain names up to 67 
AVAILABLE OTHERWISE. All of the good one word ".com"  domains
are still taken but catchy phrases and longer company names over 
23 characters are now available! There are thousands of 
domains sold every day, some for tens of thousands of 
dollars, to corporations that want the domain you own. You 
also want to protect your business and product names.

To give you an idea, we were never able to register the 
domain name  "internetmarketinglibrary.com" because it was 
too long, but as of a few days ago, we were able to register 
it. If someone had registered the name before us, we would 
have had to buy it from them at an elevated cost. All they 
had to do was register this domain for a mere $60 US and 
they could have charged ten times that in pure profit! 
(Fortunately we got to it before anyone else did!)

I am NOT telling you this so you can do this to other people 
or companies... I am telling you this so you can protect your
own company names, product names, etc. from people that 
ARE low enough to do this to you. Register your domains now! 
Protect yourself and your business interests. 

When I say this is time sensitive, I AM VERY SERIOUS. If you 
do not jump on the bandwagon now, and if you even wait a few 
weeks... you are going to lose out. All of the ".com" domain 
names that are in demand over 23 characters are going to be 
registered. (And trust me, there are a lot!)

This is also an opportunity to GET THAT DOMAIN NAME THAT 

If you were one of the unfortunate ones that had to settle 
for a name that really did not suit your Internet business 
or were even stuck with a .net or .org address, this is your 
chance to get the domain name that reflects your company and 
will be easily remembered! 

We have people asking us everyday "Is there a difference 
between .net and .com?" and we tell them the same thing 
every time... if you are only using a ".net" address and not 
a ".com" address, you are losing your hard earned visitors. 
Everyone remembers ".com" before ".net", it's that simple. 
Even most web browsers, if the extension is not entered, 
will default to ".com". So like I said before, if you only 
have a .net address because and you could not find a .com 
that suited your website or business... NOW IS YOUR CHANCE! 

"Keyword Phrases" are now a HOT opportunity... a catch 
phrase alone can generate a giant source of traffic to your 
website. A good friend of ours just registered:


Why? Because it is catchy!

Not only are these phrases catchy but they can also boost 
your search engine rankings. 


Think of all the keywords and keyphrases for your 
product/service/website and put them in your URL.  Load the 
domain name with your best keywords to get ranked higher in 
the search engines. Then submit that URL to the search 
engines... and have it redirect to your main site or use it 
as a "doorway" page as we talk about in the course (to get a 
much higher ranking in the search engines) to forward 
traffic to you.

Here are just a few of the exciting URL's that will pull 
great in the search engines and only took a few minutes of 
brainstorming to come up with...







It is that easy! Imagine if you spent a few hours racking 
your brain what you could come up with. 

You may have noticed that I gave examples with hyphens and 
without hyphens... it is a little known fact that search 
engines prefer URL's with hyphens and visitor prefer them 
without so make sure you REGISTER BOTH!

There are only a few companies that are registering the 67 
character domain names, and even fewer that are reliable 
companies... so go to:


and start registering your domain(s) now!

Start brainstorming and coming up with names right away and 
register as soon as you can... for a mere $60 you cannot go 
wrong. That is only $30 a year for 2 years... it does not 
get any cheaper than this! YOU CAN'T LOSE!

I guarantee a good ".com" address is going to pay for itself 
a thousand times over... faster than any ".net" or ".org" 
address ever could.

I sincerely hope you take everything I've just talked about 
seriously... this is an incredible opportunity to 
skyrocket your profits on the Internet with very little 
effort and investment on your part. If you don't utilize 
it, I guarantee that YOUR COMPETITORS WILL!

Good luck, and if you have any questions please send an 
email to me directly at mike@natprom.com

All the best,

Mark Joyner
National Promotions, Inc.

(This letter was used with permission from our
good friends at the Internet Marketing Center.)

P. S. Isn't it time you got your piece of the action?



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