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[MOL] Re: back to Fred about small cell cancer his Mother has,,,,

Dear Fred,
My Hubby has Small Cell Lung Cancer, he was diagosed March 24, 1998,  he had 
6 rounds of  3 days on and 21 days off, after the chemo he had 33 hits of 
radiation and Sept. 24, 1999 he was told his cancer was in remission.  He is 
74 years old and we live in Michigan.  He drank Assiac Tea the whole time on 
treatments.  He now has an awful cough, but feels pretty good.
Where is your Mothers cancer?
If I can be of any help just ask.  God Bless.
I wish you and yours happy holidays.
Love, hugs and prayers to you and yours,
Nanc ():-)

In a message dated 12/22/1999 1:33:33 PM Eastern Standard Time, 
fredjanine@nidlink.com writes:

<< Hi my name is Fred Eakin   My mother in law has a small cell cancer and 
has tried every thing the Dr's have suggested and is almost out of options.  
We have heard of taking ashes from burnt birch trees to many othe 
alternatives.  As it stands right now the most important and best we have 
going for us is the power of prayer.  We would like to try alternatives along 
with our prayers if anyone has suggestions.  Thankyou  Fred Eakin in 
Coeur'd'Alene Idaho.  fredjanine@nidlink.com  
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