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[MOL] Thank you to Lillian, Dusti, Bess, and June A.

Hi all!  Thanks for the overwhelming response to my e-mail earlier today.
I knew I could count on the collective wisdom of the molers.  I read the
e-mails to my Mom and she was moved to tears.  We spent the afternoon today
in the emergency room because she was dehydrated.  They rehydrated her and
sent her home.  First thing tomorrow, I'm making her a ton of mashed
potatoes!  heehee. No seriously,  it was interesting to know from you guys
that when she's feeling the worst is when the chemo is most likely working
the best.  Her doc told her that when she got her appetite back is when she
would know things were looking up which I suppose is true overall, but I
guess the chemo does almost have to kill you before it can help you.  She
was just diagnosed this past August and had 1 round of 5FU which she
couldn't tolerate so they switched her 2nd round of chemo to Gemzar which
is more palatable while she's in the chemo but has effects on her after
she's done.  She finished this regimen last Tuesday.  She has to get a CT
scan over the holidays and we see the doc again on 1/4/2000 to compare this
scan with her first one, so heopfully for as sick as she has been, we'll
see some improvement.  The doc said after she finished the 5FU that the
cancer seemed to be frozen... not shrinking but not spreading.  He also
said her liver seemed somewhat smaller so that's a good sign too.  She is
taking some Ativan 3x a day for anxiety so I talked her into cutting it
back to 2x a day and she agreed to think about taking an antidepressant.  I
don't know how much more chemo she will need to have or what the standard
procedure is for giving chemo.  I've heard of people taking it for 6-8
months and sometimes even longer but I imagine she will get a break in
between at some point.
     I was truly touched by the personal nature of the responses and though
I haven't met any of you, I feel as if we're all friends on this journey
together.  Thanks from the bottom of my heart.  I pray for each and every
Moler every day.  I think I've lost some of my objectivity being so close
to this situation with my mom that sometimes it's hard to step back and
look and the whole picture without being emotionally overwhelmed.  I think
about how upset I get and multiply it by at least 10x and try to understand
how she feels but you're all right...it is VERY hard.  I will love her and
not nag her.  She is my best friend.  Again, thanks for the support and we
will keep on keeping on.  love ya all!  Joy
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