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[MOL] Hello, Friends

I have not been able to sign up on MOL for months now!  Could someone help?
I've tried majordomo@lists.meds.com -- nothing happens.  I tried another
very complicated address that Nancy gave me, and it didn't work, either.
I'd love to get on for awhile and communicate with you folks before
Christmas, or at least before the New Year.  I feel so cut off from
everyone!  Sob.  Love, Kathy in Boise

Anyway, if I can't get on, at least you can write to me at
kcorrigan@chgw.com and let me know how you are.  I'm doing very well.  Feel
great -- last tests were clear -- three weeks ago.  It's looking good.  My
social life is active and satisfying, and I'm still enjoying life to the
fullest.  I have a nice friend of the opposite sex and a nice roommate of
the opposite sex (my baby brother).  My job is better than ever, and I have
absolutely no complaints, except that my nose runs constantly.  Please

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