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Hi all!  I have written about my mom who has adenocarcinoma unknown
primary.  The past few days have been very rough for her.  I am not a
doctor but I am a licensed social worker and I find that all my skills have
been in vain.  I think she is depressed.  She feels myself and her her
husband are harping on her about eating and drinking.  We have really
backed off of pushing her to eat and drink but the past few days she has
had barely anything.  She has dehydrated a few times in the past bit it
doesn't seem to be that this time.  The usual signs of dehydration aren't
there and she say that although she doesn't feel like eating, she is
drinking.  In my observation not enough though.  She threw up several times
yesterday and we called the doctor who prescribed her something for the
nausea and it has gone away.  Maybe she had a 24 hour flu that has been
going around here.  I know too that when she gets any kind of an infection
that it will be twice as hard for her due to her low immune system after
just completing her last round of chemo a week ago today.  How can you
gently help someone eat and drink when they have no appetite?  What kinds
have foods have you found helpful and tasteful.  Salting seasoning., and
sugaring them hasn't seemed to work.  She is very frustrated and lays in
bed most of the time and snaps at us when we ask her anything about
anything.  I know too that the holidays are difficult for her as well as
our family.  She isn't able to do all the do she usually does.  I have done
it for her such as the baking, etc...  I know she isn't mad at us but I do
think she's depressed and the usual ways of picking her spirits up haven't
worked.  She says things like "I wish I could just run away" and "I'm so
tired of being sick."  Any suggestions would be appreciated.  I feel stuck.
 Thanks. Joy
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