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[MOL] Update on Cory

Hi All,

Well things are going ok.  Cory went in yesterday to start chemo, but he has a
really nasty case of the flu, so they decided to wait until he's over that to
start.  I spoke with him this morning and he was feeling a lot better.  The
started giving him antibiotics & lots of fluids, which I'm sure he really

We also found out that his Dr found 10 potential bone marrow donor's that match
6 out of 6.  Yeah!  I guess now they are going to contact them to do further
tests to see if they match genetically.  I hope one of them is a good match, if
not we will go with Cory's sister, who matches 4 out of 6.  So it's really nice
to know we have options.

Other than that things are going pretty well.  Finding out that there are 10
people out there who could be bone marrow donor's for Cory really made me feel a
lot better.  Now if we can only get him over the flu.  Poor thing.  

Well, I hope everyone is doing well.  Have a nice holiday.


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