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[MOL] ABout Multiple Myeloma

Good Morning My FRiends,

Interesting information about MM (Multiple Myeloma).  HOpe this info is

God Bless All,
marty auslander

Diseases of the Blood' A Cutting Edge Medical Report TV Special
Premieres on FOX's The Health Network

BOCA RATON, Fla., Nov. 4 /PRNewswire/ -- Multiple Myeloma and Chronic
Lymphocytic Leukemia are two blood cancers that can have devastating
effects on the immune systems and the lives of those affected.

Multiple Myeloma is a malignant blood disorder in which abnormal plasma
cells accumulate in the bone marrow, crowding out the healthy cells and
causing bone destruction. Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia attacks the
lymphocytes, which play an important role in antibody production, and
enables malignant white blood cells to compress into the bone marrow,
inhibiting the production of new blood.

Fortunately, there is new reason for hope in the fight against these two
serious diseases. "Diseases of the Blood: Issues and Answers," a
30-minute TV special, explores how breakthroughs in chemotherapy and
other treatments including stem cell transplants can aid remission.
Educational foundations are increasing awareness, providing vital
information and support to patients, and funding exciting new research
to find cures.

"Diseases of the Blood: Issues and Answers" was created for FOX's The
Health Network as part of the award-winning "The Cutting Edge Medical
Report" series. The episode is co-hosted by Bart Barlogie, M.D. of the
Arkansas Cancer Research Center, Michael Keating, M.D., of the MD
Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, and other medical experts.

This program is produced by Information Television Network (ITV) in
association with the Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation and the
Leukemia Society of America, and is made possible by educational grants
from the Celgene Corporation and Berlex Laboratories.

"The Cutting Edge Medical Report" airs on The Health Network weeknights
at 7 p.m. Eastern and Pacific, 6 p.m. Central, and 8 p.m. Mountain time.
The show can also be viewed at ITV's Web site at www.itvisus.com, where
air dates for this and other episodes may be found.

For more information or to order a VHS copy of the program, call ITV at
888-380-6500. Additional information on the topic of Multiple Myeloma
may be found at www.multiplemyeloma.org.
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