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Re: RE: [MOL] Luiza REply ! - June

Dear June:
     I can't understand about the vitamin business and cancer either.  I do 
know that a researcher at Sloan Kettering found increased levels of Vitamin C 
in cancer cells.  If you go to their page you will probably find the 
reference.  So their official position is to eat fruit and vegetables but NOT 
take vitamin supplements.  We do a lot with Chinese herbs.  The Chinese docs 
have all assured me it would help the chemo and lessen the side effects.  
Since the first 5 rounds of taxol/carbo basically didn't work for my husband 
I always have this nagging suspicion that the herbs might have countered 
their full effectiveness.  Who knows anything for sure in this crazy battle.  
I also read recently that in Taiwan they've decided drinking too much tea 
greatly increases the risk of bladder cancer.  Give me a break!  In that case 
why doesn't everyone in Japan have bladder cancer?.  Still muddling along.  
Have a happy holiday.  Bess  
PS  Just got a case of Florida grapefruits and oranges for Christmas.  I seem 
to remember something very early when I first joined the group about 
grapefruits being bad for people on chemo.  Can't imagine why.  If anyone 
remembers anything about this, please let me know as the grapefruits are 
delicious and I hate to give them away.  Many thanks.  Bess
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