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[MOL] Lillian

Dear Lillian,

I reget that I am going to have to be removed from the list. With my
children, work and trying to sell my home I can't keep up with my mail.
I had my third chemo last friday. It has been very tough on me this
time. I am exhausted. I am also having problems with pains from my
incision. The doctor is keeping an eye on it for infection. One more
chemo and I am done. I am really looking forward to that day.

I want to thank you and Kathy and June and many of the others on here
that have inspired me along my way. It has been a tough road for me
since my surgery in August but thanks to some help and inspiration from
people here I am making it thru this journey and with a different
attitude than when I first started. I have learned alot just watching
and reading..
I have been working on my testimony. If you would like, I could send it
to you and hopefully it can help someone else. I know my journey isn't
over, I know I am not at the top of the mountain quite yet. But I can
see the top and I can see myself joyfully sliding down the other side.
If anyone would like to email me personally please feel free. I would
like to be a blessing to someone as the people here were to me.

God Bless,

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