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[MOL] Thalidomide

Dear FRiends,

Just received this from a friend whose Mother has Ovarian cancer. Maybe
of some interest to you.

God Bless YOu,
marty and Barb

Sorry to hear about Barb's marker.

Newest treatment I have heard of for ovarian cancer is from England. 
have tested Thalomid (thalidomide).  Yes the same stuff that caused
defects in the 1960's.  They have had a 30% success rate of patients
"cured" - cancer free past 5 years.  That is what our oncologists tell
Hershey Medical Center is part of the USA trial for this drug.  They got
Sylvia into the trial  and she started today on the thalidomide.  It is
Pill form. Questions on the drug call 888 4 CELGENE.

Will keep you posted.  Maybe this could help Barb.

Best regards.

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