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[MOL] Update on Cory

HI All,

It's  been a while since I've written, but it's been pretty chaotic around here
the last week or so.  Cory got a call from his Dr yesterday.  He wanted Cory to
come in today and start chemo again.  Apparently they found leukemic cells in
his bone marrow biopsy from last Thursday.  Back to the drawing board I guess.
Cory was able to get a 'stay of execution', as he calls it, until next Monday,
so we atleast have the weekend to get ready. 

I think this time, he'll probably be in for a lot longer.  His Dr wants to do a
bone marrow transplant, so we're guessing he's going to be 'incarcerated',
another one of his, for a while.  I was hoping that I could atleast have him
home for the holidays.  Oh well, we'll just have to move the holidays to him. 

Anyways, we don't have all the details yet about what his Dr wants to do with
his treatment.  His Dr wouldn't give him the details over the phone, but Cory's
going in to talk with him today.  Unfortunately I can't be there, but he went in
with a list of questions to ask, so hopefully we'll get some good answers.  

He'll probalby get some platelets transfused today too.  His counts have been
steadily declining over the past week or so.  I think is platelets were at about
35,000 the last time they checked, which was Monday.  I don't think his hemocrit
is quite low enough for them to transfuse yet, but I'm sure that will happen

Well, wish us luck, we're gonna need it.  I hope everyone is doing well.


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