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[MOL] Lillian

Hi Lillian!  How are you doing? How is your hubby? I am doing pretty
good. Getting balder and balder by the day <g> Winter time is not the
time to do this, huh? LoL I had my second chemo and it really kicked me
in the rear this time. I am just getting my strength back. BUT...I am
half-way there. 2 more to go and I am done!!

John cam here for Thanksgiving and to take me to my chemo. It was soo
good to see him again. I miss him so much already tho.

I start with my new comapny tomorrow. We had orientation Monday.
Unfortunately, I am not eligiblef or the short term disibility until one
year after I am treatment free. I do have regular medical coverage tho.
That was all I could get. Oh well, I am looking for another job in
Knoxville so John and I can move and be together.


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