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Hello dear friends, it's been a while.  Many thanks Lillian for the support 
addresses and thank you for still thinking of me, I shall be contacting them, 
I have felt very low this week and had some crying days, still miss Carole 
very much, her son has grown a lot closer to me I think although he is nearly 
18 he needs a comforting shoulder.  How is everyone, I haven't logged on for 
some days but even if you don't hear from me I read your messages and my 
prayers are always with you.  Lillian - how is your husband doing?  I did 
contemplate signing off but I came to the conclusion that I would miss you 
all, even if it is only reading your messages to one another and knowing you 
are there.  If there are any new subscribers reading this message you have 
found a wonderful group of friends.
Take care everyone Love Gill xx
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