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[MOL] Invest $10, Make $40000. No credit card needed.

All our mailings are sent complying to the proposed United States Federal
requirements for commercial e-mail: Section 301 Paragraph (a)(2)(C) of S. 618.
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NOTE: This mail is not a spam in accordance with the laws governing commercial e-mailing 
Dear Friend,
If you are in need of CASH fast, and you do not have much cash to 
invest, this program is just what you need!
Please take the time to read this completely. Usually I receive these 
type of e-mails and immediately hit the "delete" button, however, this 
one is different in that there are safe-guards built in. You can also 
e-mail other participants to check to see if I actually paid them and 
that I am participating in this opportunity legally, plus you can check
with them to see how successful the system has been for them - PRIOR to
you deciding to participate or not. Send an email to the individuals in
positions 1 & 2 and ask them, they have already received payment.
I have many other internet businesses that I am involved in, however, I 
have found that they take money to advertise and some time to build up!
I have found that other business opportunities work except you need 
This program works with a TOTAL US$10 INVESTMENT is all, and returns a
potential $40,000 in 6 - 8 WEEKS (20x20x20=8,000x$5=$40,000)! This 
allows me more than I need to run my other online business.
If you are not getting responses like this to your program then please 
check out the Program below. EVEN if you are, this is still a good idea
!!! :-)
Thousands are becoming Financially Independent with this program daily 
and it only cost US$10.00
So READ ON! ...............
This is a FAIL-SAFE money-making program where all cash receipts are
VERIFIABLE in advance, where every participant is held ACCOUNTABLE, and
where everyone gets PAID extremely well!! That's why this program has 
taken off like it has. Everybody wins because nobody can cheat!
If you simply want to make a lot of money quickly, take a look at this
"CHEAT PROOF PROGRAM." It has an INCREDIBLY HIGH rate of success. I 
always knew that these programs could work, but I've always had two 
problems with them. There's usually no way of monitoring returns, and 
no way of totally eliminating cheaters. People add their names without 
sending money.
and EVERYONE GETS PAID FOR PARTICIPATING! It works 100% of the time, 
because e-mail enables you to verify that everyone's been paid right up
front before you participate! And the total cost to participate is two 
US$5.00 bills! If you were to spend $10 on lottery, your chances of 
making any money would be slim to none!
So please read this carefully. If you have any questions you can e-mail 
me at: issa@tesco.net   Subject - 'Phase 1'
According to US Postal service lottery codes : Title 18, sec. 1302 & 
1341 say that this service is legal because we are building a mailing 
list and the postal service also has a 1-800-725-2161, you can call 
anytime (24 hrs a day).
This program includes a FAIL-SAFE mechanism! We have installed controls
so that it is IMPOSSIBLE for anyone to cheat! This way nobody gets hurt
and everybody will make the money they deserve for their efforts. Read
attentively, and if you decide to participate, please follow the 
instructions very carefully. This will ensure that you get the maximum
You may have seen similar programs on the net...there are lots of them.
This one is different, ITS CHEAT PROOF, please read on to see why.
It includes a method of accountability that keeps everyone honest so 
that we all get our money and a valuable mailing list.
Too many programs like this have no fail-safe method of protecting 
participants from those who put their names on the list without sending
the money, (this has happened to me before, but not with this program)!
This program has solved that problem for good. As you read on, you will
be required to send US$5.00 Dollars to two people on a list (below) 
asking them to add your name to their mailing list.
More about that later. First, take the time to save this letter to file
so you can edit it later, (with notepad, for example), with your Name 
and Address, and E-mail address, in case you decide to participate.
Next, ask these two people via e-mail if they have received their $5.00 
payment from me! This keeps everyone honest and insures the continued 
success of the program!
Position #1
8 Yeoman road
Manorgate Northolt
London Middlesex
United Kingdom
E-mail:   zakhan1200@hotmail.com  or  zakhan100@prontomail.com 
Position #2
Max Welton
186-A Ontario Avenue
Elliot Lake, ON
Canada, P5A 1Y4
E-mail :  mspromo@onlink.net
These are the 2 people I sent my $5 to with a note asking them to add me
to their mailing list (Position #1 has rushed PHASE 2 to me by e-mail).
After you have checked with them, edit your version of the PHASE 1 file
by replacing the information in Position #1 with my Name, address, and 
e-mail address located in Position #3 in this file.
Next, replace the information at position #2 with the Name, Address, 
and e-mail address of the person located at Position #4 in this file.
Take an envelope, include a US$5.00 bill and a note that states:
"Please add me to your Mailing List and RUSH PHASE 2 to me by e-mail".
Address the envelope to the person in Position #3, and post in the 
mail. (Important: Only the person in position #3 supplies PHASE 2, 
never any other person.)
Position #3
Issa AbuRiziq
P O Box 5615
United Kingdom
B37 5EF
Email:    issa@tesco.net     
In another envelope include a US$5 bill and a note that states: "Please 
add me to your Mailing List".
Address the envelope to the person in Position #4 and post it in the 
Position #4
Robert Holladay
104 Howard
Pocola, OK ,  74902
E-mail  :    powersecrets@hotmail.com

You are sending $5.00 each to names in Position #3 and Position #4 only
(totaling $10.00). Do not send anything to the people I sent my money 
to in Position #1 and Position #2.
NOTE: Make sure to copy the names and e-mail address EXACTLY as they 
are given to you or this will not work...I repeat, will not work!!!
E-mail addresses are very specific and must be typed exactly as shown.
Include your e-mail address in all your correspondence with us.
********Now, on to the Program!!!********
Please do not stop until you have read the entire letter!
There are two (2) simple things you must do to make this plan work for 
the maximum return in 30-45 days.
1) In PHASE 2 you will advertise everywhere you can on-line in the FREE 
ADs areas! When you do this remember, that the Ad boards scroll quickly
so you must keep an eye on your Ads. If they are gone you should 
re-post them.
In PHASE 2 I'll send you everything you need to advertise: Ad samples, 
tips, and lots of links to FREE ADs and CLASSIFIED addresses on the 
net. If you need help, just ask.
2) Be patient, it took me almost a week to decide to answer my first 
time. The person who gave me this opportunity still had to wait three 
days for my reply to reach his mailbox. It takes easily a week or so to
really get up and going and start getting lots of replies in your 
e-mail. But it does come! And the money will come!
You can definitely make a large sum within a few weeks and you will 
also have a mailing list service to use yourself or to sell. That can 
be worth a great deal!
This program is designed to raise money fast. It is very inexpensive to
participate in because it is designed to be run totally on-line. There 
are no postage or name list expenses!!
Read this over carefully and follow the instructions. So far it has 
worked very well for me...In addition to the program being inexpensive,
it brings quick responses.
How the system works:
If you want a lot of money weekly, then please take the time to read 
this carefully and understand the Multi-level program I'm sharing with 
you. No, it's not what you think! You will not have to send $5 to five 
people for a report, a recipe, disk or any other product and then later
re-invest more time and money to get things going. This is completely 
different. And I'll show you proof that it works!
First of all, there are only four levels, not five, six, seven, or more
like other programs. This four level program is more realistic and much
faster to operate. The response rate for this program is very high too!
Note: When you first send this program out, you will be getting 40-50 
people who send you $5.00 for Phase 2 (totaling $200-250; which is a 
nice profit in itself).
To account for curiosity seekers and people who never recognize 
opportunity knocking a their door (not you, of course!), let's say only 
20 people actually pursue this program. They will put your name in the 
accountability list Position #1, and their respondents will be asking 
you if they paid you their $5.00. Their active participants will then 
move your name to position #4, where you will be receiving $5.00 from 
20x20x20 = 8,000 people times $5.00 equals $40,000!!!
On the Internet and using e-mail, this program moves extremely fast, 
(this is not snail mail, taking forever to see any money)!
The originator of this program still makes money with it. It has worked
very well for me for the short time I have used it.
Cindy Allen ran this mailing list summation, and has become financially
independent with the proceeds. When the program is continued as it 
should be, everyone Profits!
You need only 20 people who actively promote this program (not 200 or 
more as in other programs). To get this amount, you should advertise 
until twice that number of people (40-50), have sent you the$5.00 and 
received PHASE 2 by e-mail. At that point, you can relax because you'll
be well on your way to receiving BIG MONEY!!! All you'll have to do is 
answer e-mail saying "YES, I've been PAID"! (be sure to keep a record 
of those that have paid and been added to your mailing list for future 
You should send this program to people who send you similar programs 
because you know yours is faster. Even if you're in a program, try this
one. It's simple and it has a very small investment compared to the 
other MLM programs that cost you Hundreds of Dollars to get started.
You will be amazed with the responses you'll get from the "Web".
Thanks for reading this far... Now here are the simple details!!!
Basically, it is a list of four people who have already decided to 
change their lives, make money and build their mailing lists. They 
participate by mailing $5 and their postal and e-mail addresses to 
persons #3 and #4 on the list.
Follow these three easy steps...
1) Save this file as your PHASE 1 file where you can edit the changes
(Names, addresses, and e-mail addresses)!
2) Mail out a total of US$10, ($5 cash each), to Position #3 and Position 
#4 listed above.
3) Update the names on the list. Place your name, Address, and e-mail
address in Position #3 (where mine is now) and wait for the PHASE 2 
file to arrive in your e-mail box.
The PHASE 2 file will be sent the same day the money arrives at my home
address. In the PHASE 2 file you will be given the information of the 
person that will be placed in Position #4 of your version of the PHASE
1 file. This is the only way to ensure that all participants get paid.
You will find out more in PHASE 2, which will be on the way to you the 
same day I receive your $5.00.
Get started by preparing the two envelopes, notes, and two $5.00 bills.
As soon as your envelope reaches me, I'll rush PHASE 2 to you by e-mail
the same day.
Thank you for your participation. We will all make  HUGE Profits 
through cooperation.
Here's how your name will move quickly through the program!
First, your name is at position #3 on PHASE 1 that you send out to 
those who respond to your Ad (just cut and paste your saved PHASE 1 
file to your e-mail to them, or send it as an attachment).
Secondly, you will e-mail PHASE 2 to 40-50 people who have sent you 
$5.00 (totaling $200-$250)!!! On your PHASE 2 you will be instructing 
your respondents to place your name at Position #1 and you will begin 
to receive inquiries from others asking if you have been paid, (you 
won't receive any money on this level, only inquiries).
Thirdly, those people who have inquired as to payment, will be getting 
another 20 people to participate, and your name will be at Position #4.
This is how you will receive 20x20x20 = 8,000x$5.00 equaling $40,000!!!
Lastly your name will be at Position #2 where you will again be 
receiving inquiries about people paying you, and you can tell them 
that, "YES, I'm $40,000 Richer"!!!, and they should immediately 
participate and make Money!
Well, that is PHASE 1. Isn't this business fantastic?? Think about it 
and I know you'll want to participate. Your investment: 2x$5.00, your 
reward: Up to $40,000. So much to gain...so little risk! Once again, 
if I can help in any way please e-mail me.
****NOTE: When editing PHASE 1 for your use, don't forget to replace 
MY e-mail address with YOURS! You may also want to personalize the 
greeting and ending.
Why not E-mail #1 & #2 and check if they got paid...go for it!!
I advise you to take this great opportunity and start now to get money
faster, trust me it will work.
Sometimes you have to trust people you don't know!
"If you do what you always do, you will get what you always get"
Here's to success to all!!!
PS: This system works in every country so don't think that if you are not in States or Europe You 
can't participate because all you have to invest is $10 and then nothing forever.
If you havn't signed up for paid to surf companies which pay you for free then go to this address
For additional information regarding the proposed United States Federal
requirements for commercial e-mail: Section 301, Paragraph (a)(2)(C) of S. 618
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Issa AbuRiziq
P O Box 5615
United Kingdom
B37 5EF
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