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[MOL] ~-~ Save up to 60% on Your Life Insurance -FREE Quote +a#nkwjef ::-: -gycugfojjy

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Age            $250,000                $500,000                $1,000,000
                Male        Female       Male      Female     Male         Female
30       $12.03       $10.72      $18.38    $14.88      $33.69      $26.69
40       $15.31       $12.69      $24.94    $20.13      $46.38      $37.19
50       $33.03       $24.06      $56.00    $41.56      $108.94     $78.75
60       $78.09       $46.38      $133.88   $84.88      $264.69     $165.38

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All example monthly rates shown above are for preferred-plus non-smokers from insurance companies rated A-, A, A+ or A++ by A.M. Best Company and include all fees and commissions.  Actual premiums and coverage availability will vary depending upon age, gender, state availability, health and tobacco use history.

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firm.  All information submitted is strictly confidential, and is transferred
to an insurance professional licensed in your state of residence who will
contact you and provide your completed quote directly.

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