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[MOL] Info. on Tumor Markers....

Used for monitoring disease status. Markers are blood tests that are
drawn periodically throughout your treatment to see if the treatments
are working.  They are repeated after therapy is completed at follow-up
visits, to determine if your disease is stable or under control.  Any
fluctuation or change in tumor marker results will be analyzed with
other tests, as tumor markers are not 100% accurate. Together they can
provide information that your doctor can use to evaluate the status of
your disease. Now there is not a tumor marker specific for all
malignancies. Here are some of or most of the tumor markers known.

Cea-commonly for colon, breast, lung, rectal and pancreatic

Ca-15-3- commonly know as the breast cancer antigen

CA19-9   Commonly used primarily for those with cancers of the colon or
rectum. May be useful for some pancreatic and stomach cancers.

CA-125   Antigen has been shown to be elevated in some patients who have
Ovarian cancer

PSA     Antigen in the presence of those that indicate Prostate tumor

g-HCG (beta human chorionic Gonadotropin) is a very specific and
sensitive test used to diagnos and monito choriocarcinoma, hydatiform
moles and some testicular cancers

AFP (Alpha FetoProtein) to monitor certain liver cancers and with the
b-HCG used to help diagnose and monitor some testicular cancers