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[MOL] Welcome New Members!

Since there are considerably new members to our forum, I would first like to make you feel very welcomed and also to help you learn all you can in regards to cancer.  There is so much information that at times it is overwhelming.  Believe me, I felt the same as you do now; but given time and confidence in your own abilities this will all start to click, mesh and gel into being very valuable information.

There are a few things I wish to stress with our wonderful new members and they are:
Some of the most important things you can do for yourself and you are certainly worth it!
    1.  Diet is very important, build up your immune system.
    2.  Taking control is also high on the list.
    3.  Knowing what questions to ask your doctor and making sure you are
          going to the best of doctors and cancer hospitals.
    4.  Take a tape recorder or a friend or partner to the doctors, it is amazing what we can   forget the minute we walk out the door, or what we need to look up.
    5.  Learn to trust what your body is telling you, it will not let you down.  If your doctor is not listening to you, then by all mean's call his/her attention to it.  (For informational purposes know that a doctor charges a higher fee for cancer patients)
    6.  Make sure your doctor is aggressive and positive.
    7.  Understand that your doctor unless with a very large cancer center is only able to offer what the hospital he/she is attached to offers.  In other words if there is a better treatment for your cancer and it is not offered, your doctor will more than likely not tell you about this treatment.
    8.  Surround yourself with the best support system you can, people who are positive. ( My best support system person was a friend who never offered a word; but love and was with me through it all, drove me for appointments, kept records for me; etc.  Toxic people (whoa me sort, or whoa you) hinder your ability to heal.
    9.  Always remember that cancer is not always a death sentence, that today far more cancer patients live than die.  The death rate has steadily declined.
10.  Knowledge is Power and with knowledge you have the power to have some control.  You and your doctor and all in the medical profession who work with you should be a team; however you have the final say after you have weighed all aspects and in a good decision process to include what your body is telling you.
It is important to remember that our bodies are all different, react differently to situations, therapies and medications.  However; if we do not address the body, mind and spirit as a number one priority we are at a disadvantage.
Always know that I walk with you, not in front, not behind; but beside you through this journey as will all our other Molers.  Your friend, lillian
Warmly, lillian
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