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Re: [MOL] Question/Sharon from Nanc ():-)

Hi Shirley,
You must have signed on to what is called the MOL cancer support forum, and 
the MOL stands for members on line.  That is where your letter was posted, I 
have belonged to the Forum since April of 1998, right after my Hubby was dx'd 
with his SCLC, which is small cell lung cancer.  His was in the upper right 
lobe of the lung and a large mass was attached to his trachea, where it 
branched off to the other lung.  His is supposed to be a very fast spreading 
and one that jumps from organ to organ.  There are others in this forum with 
that type of cancer that are in remission too.  We in the forum call 
ourselves Mol Angels, you will love it here, we are all real people with help 
and information and you can find out what trials are out here and also the 
new meds.  
There are over 200 kinds of Chemo.  I didn't know that.
The best thing that you can do with cancer is to take control, this is your 
journey and don't ever let anyone tell you it is over and nothing more can be 
done, cause that is wrong, never lay down and die, there is always hope, help 
and prayers going out for you.  Ask your Doctor for any and all test results, 
then down the road you will learn how to compare and to keep track of how 
your doing and to make sure your Doctor is on his or her toes at all times.  
I truly think that it helps the Doctor to do his best when he or she knows 
you are keeping up, and ask even the most stupid questions, it just might 
mean the difference between life and death, never take a Doctor or test for 
granted, ask, ask, ask.
Just keep yourself tuned to this forum, you will be surprised how much you 
will learn and how much support you will get, and you can even vent here and 
not get people mad at you, we are all in the same boat, so to speak.
Most of the time, your family don't want to hear about your problems or even 
want to have the word cancer brought up, they are afraid of losing their 
loved one so force themselves into denial.
This forum is an email generated forum, therefore you will at times get 
swamped with tons of email, and if it gets to much for you, just delete some 
of it, you will learn in a short time what you will want to read and delete.
If you ever want to remove your address from the forum then just ask me and 
I'll help you, but I think you will benefit from staying with the forum.
Don and I are very, very grateful for all our friends and support, and mostly 
for the prayers and for God to allow us to still be together for so long, he 
wasn't supposed to make it past 4 months when Dx'd, so that shows you 
miracles can and do happen through the power of prayer, and a positive 
Don told the Doctor that he would be here another 5 years, so his wife would 
have social security to live on once he is gone.  I cried it was for me that 
he wanted to live that much longer.  We are very special to each other, and 
thank God and our friends several times every day.
God Bless you and our prayers and friendship are with you,
Don & Nanc from Michigan ():-)

In a message dated 11/28/1999 11:05:53 AM Eastern Standard Time, writes:

<< Subj:     Re: [MOL] Question/Sharon from Nanc ():-)
 Date:  11/28/1999 11:05:53 AM Eastern Standard Time
 From: (Shirley Sasso)
 I received your e-mail, as attached. I do 
 appreciate your reply.  However, I can't
 recall where I got your address.  I was browsing through many pages for
 my answer & I'm just not sure where your address appeared.  Do you know
 which site your address is on?
 I am so sorry about your husband,  I'm sure it's not easy for him to
 accept these tough & painful & difficult problems. I know it all started
 with what you refer to as scic.
 But, what is "scic?"
 I don't dwell on my cancers since I feel I
 have the best of medical care that's available & there's nothing more I
 can do about that.  I do try to lighten up my days.
 Not always an easy task, but, it does work
 for the most part. The pain I'm having now
 just started a few days ago.  I have an appointment to see my doctor,
 but I wanted to know if what I am feeling could be serious. I really
 shouldn't even ask...
 this is the first time I searched any site regarding my health. However,
 I appreciate that you took the time to write. 
 I do hope your husband will respond to whatever treatment & medication
 that is
 prescribed for him.
 I'm sure it isn't to be taken lightly at any time by either one of you.   
 Is your husband going in for a bone scan
 to determine if he has bone cancer?
 To you & your husband, my heartfelt wishes for his good health & good
 Again, thanks for your e-mail.
 Warm wishes,
 Shirley >>
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