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Re: [MOL] NSCLC--Unknown primary with mets to spine

Dear Wanda Zarbaugh,
My Hubby was dx'd with SCLC March 24, 1998, he was on the chemo that your 
friend is now on, he was on 3 days and off 21 for 6 rounds, his cancer went 
into remission Sept 24 of 1999, and so far so good, he has just lately had a 
problem with coughing and back pain, but the back pain he has had, just 
getting worse, but that could be from old age, he is 74 years.  I know your 
friend has NSCLC, but the treatment could maybe do the same for your friend.  
The biggest thing I could tell you in fighting this cancer or any cancer is 
to stay positive, so help your friend with staying positive and help her to 
fight.  My Hubby did have to have 2 units of blood twice during treatment.  
Remember the chemo has to get nasty to kill the cancer, so it will also lower 
your immune system, so vitamins with iron and healthy food will help to keep 
up the immune system so she can better fight for a remission of the cancer.
Don't forget the power of prayer, we will have your friend in our prayers.
God bless you both, and she is so lucky to have you for a friend.
Love, Hugs & Prayers to you and yours,
Nanc ():-) from Michigan.
Please ask me anything anytime you wish.  I would love to be able to help 
however I can.  There are so many ups and downs with a cancering journey, so 
hang on to any support you can to help to get through it.

In a message dated 11/27/1999 5:07:37 PM Eastern Standard Time, 
Wznutter@AOL.COM writes:

<< I hope to receive some advice and suggestions for my friend, Debbie who 
 been diagnosed with NSCLC with an unknown primary tumor.  When diagnosed, 
 Debbie had a tumor on her spine.  They gave her courses of radiation, then 
 Chemo-Taxotere and Gemzar.  She ended up in the hospital with Pneumonia and 
 they did MRI's or CT Scans that showed all her spine with cancer.  She is 
 very distressed.  They started Cisplatin and Etoposide VP-16--to try to get 
 it under control.  Does anyone have experience with this and any 
  Debbie was originally diagnosed in about 6-99, they couldn't find a lung 
 tumor, but the biopsy of the spine tumor showed it was NSCLC.  Debbie is 39 
 years old, now a non-smoker and other than the cancer is in good health.  I 
 appreciate any and all info.  Sincerely, Wanda Zarbaugh--NSCLC diagnosed in 
 1-98-adenocarcinoma-Stage IV, but doing very good right now. >>
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