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[MOL] NSCLC--Unknown primary with mets to spine

I hope to receive some advice and suggestions for my friend, Debbie who has 
been diagnosed with NSCLC with an unknown primary tumor.  When diagnosed, 
Debbie had a tumor on her spine.  They gave her courses of radiation, then 
Chemo-Taxotere and Gemzar.  She ended up in the hospital with Pneumonia and 
they did MRI's or CT Scans that showed all her spine with cancer.  She is 
very distressed.  They started Cisplatin and Etoposide VP-16--to try to get 
it under control.  Does anyone have experience with this and any suggestions. 
 Debbie was originally diagnosed in about 6-99, they couldn't find a lung 
tumor, but the biopsy of the spine tumor showed it was NSCLC.  Debbie is 39 
years old, now a non-smoker and other than the cancer is in good health.  I 
appreciate any and all info.  Sincerely, Wanda Zarbaugh--NSCLC diagnosed in 
1-98-adenocarcinoma-Stage IV, but doing very good right now.
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